♡ Every single piece is designed thinking in a realization of a unique bridal dream !

Elizabete Munzlinger Bridal Adornments is an exclusive bridal accessories brand created by a Brazilian designer and maker based in Copenhagen.
The creations illustrate a new interpretation of bridal accessories, rescuing a delicately romantic and nostalgic atmosphere in a modern and chic concept. The perfect hair accessories and adornments for the modern romantic bride who is looking for exquisite pieces with an exclusive design rich in details and fine finishing.

The E&M Atelier is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, and officially began in 2009 in Brazil, with the goal offer a unique aesthetic of bridal adornments, with delicate and beautiful handmade pieces designed for the fashion-forward and chic bride.

Meet the Designer
Naturally self-taught, Elizabete is daughter and grandchild of seamstresses and embroiderer. She doesn’t remember a time when, in the entire life, she wasn’t involved in sewing, embroidery, painting, drawings, projects and other creative works, even after being formed in Computer Science with Master degree, and having worked into this area for 12 years.

Elizabete stayed divided into the creative works also the professional and academic jobs until 2009, where she finally found her true talent after creating her own wedding accessories. After that, Elizabete became inspired to create a line of accessories for the public and it was a success.
Since then, for the new creations, Elizabete relies on the constant study of bridal fashion, trends, styles, materials, and techniques, which seeks inspiration and theoretical basis for her creations, guided by curiosity and creativity.

♡ All made with love!


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